Fast, Affordable Custom Book Covers

Book Formatting – Interior

To illustrate the most features in one image, we actually show several mistakes here in our formatting graphic! The header and page number should NOT start until pages 3 and 4. Many authors are not aware of these kinds of rules, making unnecessary errors that reflect poorly on their hard-fought release.

Let KCC take care of your book’s interior formatting—professionally, with all the features correct, looking good, and fitting in their proper places.

  • Choose the right fonts that fit with your cover and genre
  • Include all the “Front Matter” like title page, copyright, dedication, acknowledgements, ISBN number and more
  • Format your header with author name, book title—and a footer with page numbers
  • Create a unique design for every chapter page, with design elements and a style that fits your overall look
  • Setting up the tabs, indents, spaces, gutters and margins
  • Adding the all-important “Back Matter” to your book—the final pages where you promote your own brand or next project