Fast, Affordable Custom Book Covers

Book Formatting

Book formatting can be difficult, with many details to get right in order for your finished copy to look professional. After taking all the time to write it, why turn away potential readers just because of the way the words look?

Enjoy publishing more by letting us handle the frustration.

KCC can not only take care of formatting your book’s interior, we can even upload the content for you. Once the text inside looks as good as your new custom cover, we’ll send you a link to review the final product—and you can get back to doing what you do best—writing.

Explore these formatting options and see what’s right for you.

Interior FormattingUploading Content

Rely on us to:

  • Choose the right fonts that fit with your cover and genre
  • Include all the “Front Matter” like title page, copyright, dedication, acknowledgements, ISBN number and more
  • Format your header with author name, book title—and a footer with page numbers
  • Create a unique design for every chapter page, with design elements and a style that fits your overall look
  • Setting up the tabs, indents, spaces, gutters and margins
  • Adding the all-important “Back Matter” to your book—the final pages where you promote your own brand or next project